A chance meeting was brought about when Liz de Souza advertised for models for a photographic study of TVs, crossdressers and girly boys. Bobette, who was already (in)famous on the fetish scene, experienced the other side of the lens, and the two became firm friends.

Over the last few years, bobette has been documenting the London Fetish Scene from a unique perspective and his/her fluffy persona evinces a positive reaction from her subjects. Unlike most photographers, bobette breaks down the barriers between photographer and subject by being as much if not more part of the scene he/she documents. The result is unique insight into this community of fetishistas and sexual extroverts.

Liz de Souza has been photographing transvestites since persuading her boyfriend to don chiffon and make-up for an art school project. She later went on to photograph a little known Lily Savage for a South London pub flyer and thus developed a fascination for men in dresses, who now seem to be ever present in her life.

Liz went to art school to study painting and modern dance, but picked up photography working as a professionals assistant, learning the basic skills before embarking on her own work.
Her greatest asset in photographing the denizens of the gender jungle, is her humorous open nature, which makes even the shyest, most closeted subjects feel instantly at home and accepted. A suggestion that starting a book of cross-dressing portraits would be a useful career move, has now blossomed into a major project.

Her interest lies more in capturing people’s real character, rather than dressing them up as fashion’s dog dinners. It's this particular interest in people and what makes them tick that makes her so successful in recording the complex and powerfully individual world of gender explorers.